31 May 2013

Beautiful woman in profileA graduation present of a makeover at an upmarket Los Angeles beauty salon from an aunt not only inspired Carol Shaw to go on to found a leading cosmetics company, it also convinced her of the merits of using microdermabrasion to help rid herself of acne. Shaw founded Lorac in the early 1990s after struggling with acne during her teenage years, and claimed in The Cut magazine that, alongside self-hypnosis sessions during which she used mantras such as "the pimples are disappearing. I have beautiful, clear skin", she also used microdermabrasion to help her achieve that goal. Shaw added: "Microdermabrasion facials really changed everything for me."For some skin types it might not work, but for me it's great, and I have a lot of celebrity clients who love it as well. I think it's one of the keys to keeping your skin more youthful and smooth." The Cut commented: "We love that Shaw understands from personal experience, no less that good make-up application starts with healthy skin."