15 August 2013

200199315-001A US plastic surgeon has developed a special pillow aimed at preventing and reducing wrinkles caused by recurring facial compression during sleep. Everyone knows that getting your beauty sleep is an important tool to fight the signs of ageing; Dr Goesel Anson believes a traditional pillow compresses the face during sleep causing facial skin to be stretched, pushed and pulled.I see sleep wrinkles every day in my practice, she said. My patients are often surprised to learn there are two types of wrinkles on their faces: those caused by expression and those caused by facial distortion from pillow contact during sleep. Repetition of this process in side and stomach sleepers means their skin is even more prone to wrinkles. Although Dr Anson says the only way to avoid sleep wrinkles is to stop sleeping on your face she hopes her new pillow can help. Ansons Sleep Wrinkle Pillow features a contoured shape specifically designed to minimise facial contact with the pillow, whilst providing proper head and neck support in both the back and side sleeping positions for a comfortable nights sleep.