20 September 2012

Researchers in the US are conducting trials to see if Botox could be used to treat Raynaudís Phenomenon. At the moment, the injectable is more commonly used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face, while it is also a treatment to help those who suffer from excess sweating.But now, experts at Emory University in Atlanta have claimed Botox could help to tackle Raynaudís Phenomenon, which is a painful condition that leads to numbness or tingling in the extremities Ė usually fingers and toes Ė when it gets cold. The researchers injected Botox into the hands of 20 patients with Raynaudís to see if it can be used to block the action of noradrenaline Ė the chemical that causes blood vessels to contract quickly when it gets cold. It is this rapid contraction that leads to the symptoms of the condition. Individuals taking part in the experiment were only given the injection into one hand, to compare the results against the hand that had not received any treatment. Read the full story here: