Could line and wrinkle injectables be used as a cure for aching feet?

08 August 2013

Woman receiving injectionLine and wrinkle injectables are being used to cure a new ailment for women – or men – who live in their high heels. The condition has been dubbed stilletotarsal, a continuous agitating pain at the balls of the feet caused due wearing of high heels over a long period of time. After being used for smoothing out wrinkles and easing chronic migraines, it appears injectables can also be used to ease discomfort in the feet.Consultant dermatologist Dr Aakriti Mehra says more women in Mumbai are asking for this as a lifestyle disorder treatment. “We have women of all age groups, even the very young, asking for [these] injections. This is predominantly because the so-called party culture has become an integral part of life. Plus, high heels have now become the new wedge or sandals. “Everyone wears them all the time. Constant usage of heels affects the foot badly and fillers come as a saviour for most women.” City-based cosmetologist Dr Manoj Khanna added: “The muscles on the bottom of the feet go into spasms after prolonged periods of wearing high heels.” When the toxins are injected into the muscles on the bottom of the foot, it stops the muscle from going into spasm, which subsequently numbs foot pain.