12 November 2010

Rumour has it that actress Rumer Willis has been subtly altering and refining her look with a selection of cosmetic surgery treatments. Rumer, 22, is the daughter of movie icons Bruce Willis and Demi Moore and fans and cosmetic surgeons have raised the idea that she may be improving her looks with the help of cosmetic surgery, as they've noticed a number of changes over time. According to cosmetic surgery commentary site Make Me Heal, the main differences to Rumer's looks appear to be focused on the lower half of her face. It has been suggested that the young star has had facial plastic surgery to reduce the size and length of her jaw as well as potentially a lip augmentation or fillers. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer also suggested she may have had work done on her cheeks. He said: "Rumer Willis appears to have had her lower face reshaped including shortening of the length of her chin, and sculpting or shaving the sides of her jaw to give her a more feminine and less broad shape and look. "Some injectable fillers to her cheeks may have also added to her more defined look to her cheeks and face." However, the star has never mentioned whether she's had any surgery or not and it is possible that the changes to her looks could be caused simply by growing up. Either way, it seems that she will be joining her mother when it comes to cosmetic surgery rumours - Demi Moore revealed she'd had cosmetic surgery earlier this year, but her refusal to specify the treatment caused much gossip among industry experts with reports she had a boob job, nose job and knee lift prior to her marriage to Ashton Kutcher.