09 August 2013

sb10064243f-001The jawline of Salma Hayek has sparked an increase in demand for neck lifts according to a New York plastic surgeon. Andrew Jacono, director of the New York Centre for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery, has witnessed a recent spike in requests for the procedure. He says many have been inspired by the faces that grace the pages of patients favourite glossy magazines.While Ive consistently fielded requests over the years from patients asking for the nose of this celebrity or the cheekbones of that celebrity, the requests for the necklines of celebrities are fairly new, said Dr Jacono. Its no longer uncommon to get those patients who wake up one morning and suddenly realize that their necks are making them look old. And once its caught your eye, youll start to survey necks everywhere, including in magazines and on TV. According to Jacono, Salma Hayeks neck is a prime example of a desirable neckline due to its lack of wrinkles and creping, the first tell-tale signs of aging. Combined with strong muscle tone and even coloration and texture that mirror that of the face, the appearance of youth is preserved.