07 July 2014

When it comes to human expression and gauging whether or not people are being honest, the mantra of its written all over your face has a certain ring of truth to it (excuse the pun). So upon hearing the news that a group of scientists have come up with a way of determining your age thanks to the help of technology, it looks as though we may have to try harder when it comes to putting our game face on if we dont want to reveal how old we really are. The technology involves using a computer to scan a photograph of a face for signs of ageing. Factoring in the subjects race, gender, education level and smoking history all known to affect longevity prospects it would analyse each section of cheek, eye, brow, mouth and jowl lines, dark spots, dropping and other age-related changes that might indicate how the person is doing compared with others of the same age and background, reported The Washington Post. The gist is that facial skin ageing (droopy appearance, wrinkles) is connected to how the rest of the body ages; which then gives an indication of a persons health and lifespan. Looking old for your age, according to researchers, is closely related with a shorter life expectancy. The first stage of the research, developing the technology to establish face age, is now complete. Known as FaceMyAge, the user uploads a photo which is then analysed according to various lifestyle habits (such as sun exposure and smoking) while gender and ethnicity is also taken into account as to how quickly or slowly a persons face ages. After years of research, we have now successfully created a genuine breakthrough in technology that merges together Computer Science (computer vision, machine learning, image processing) and Actuarial Science, explains the official site. Does anyone fancy braving this technology for themselves? Tell us your results on Twitter today!