10 September 2013

Man with mobile phone to earExtended mobile phone use could cause people to break out in spots and pimples, according to a leading US dermatologist.Dr Justin Madson of the Nebraska-based Midwest Dermatology Clinic has said the act of holding a mobile against the face can physically block the skin's pores and lead to a build-up of oil. What's more, the warm surface of the device along with the heat of the user's breath can help to create a warm, moist environment that's a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.He said: "Really any surface that comes into contact with your skin for an extended period of time can create the oily reaction and introduce bacteria to the skin. For example, sports helmets are a common cause of acne along the forehead. Football and baseball players often have to combat helmet breakouts."Leia Mendoza, editor of Livewellnebraska.com, said she became aware of breakouts down one side of her face and after a particular phone call made the connection."After I said goodbye, I looked at my phone and realised it was greasy," she said. "I had to wipe it clean before touching it again."The heat, my sweat and a hot phone against my face made my skin oily. It was disgusting, but it also explained my breakouts. I always hold my phone to my left ear."Dr Madson advised people to reduce the amount of time spent talking on the phone and seek the advice of a dermatologist. Sufferers do have a number of cosmetic solutions available when it comes to tackling bad skin, from Obagi blue skin peel treatments to Dermaroller Therapy which can help to clear acne scars.