Could your neck be ageing you? A Dermatologist’s tips for looking younger

Could your neck be ageing you? A Dermatologist’s tips for looking younger

3 July 2015

A hand cream and a facial moisturiser most probably feature in your beauty routine. We treat these areas of skin to a little extra TLC because they’re exposed to the elements and most likely to start developing wrinkles. But a part of the body we consider less often is our neck – and one expert Dermatologist thinks this could be ageing us.

Our necks are constantly in motion. Every time we chew, speak or turn our heads the skin is moving and stretching. These repetitive gestures combined with exposure to the sun and the fact that skin on the neck can often become thicker than is ideal, mean wrinkles in the area can be tricky to deal with.

The Dermatologist advises there are two distinct types of neck wrinkle: horizontal and vertical.  Horizontal wrinkles are caused as skin loses collagen over time. Whereas vertical wrinkles are deeper and occur when the head is kept in the same position for a prolonged amount of time – such as when we’re sleeping, or working at a computer.

So what are the best treatments for neck wrinkles?

Moisturiser and sun screen are the best starting points to prevent neck wrinkles. Exposure to UV rays can break down the skin’s natural collagen production, as well as causing dark spots on the neck.  Regular moisturising and wearing a daily SPF won’t treat existing wrinkles, though it may slow the development of further lines.

Cosmetic Surgeries are also available to treat neck wrinkles. A Neck Lift, or Platysmaplasty, is one of the most popular anti-ageing procedures and involves removing the looser, excess skin from around the jaw line and neck to reveal a tighter, wrinkle free neck.

A Face Lift, or Rhytidectomy, can also rejuvenate the look of the neck. In a Face Lift, skin that has lost its natural elasticity is removed from around the eyes, jaw and neck, leaving patients with a smoother, fresher face.

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Image credit: Syda Productions/ Shutterstock