Country's shop dummies change shape as women go for curves

13 November 2013

Female mannequin with slim waistCosmetic surgery has become so popular in one South American country that shop mannequin shapes are being changed to reflect the national trend. An article on The Guardian's lifestyle blog quotes a New York Times report which told how a manufacturer of shop window dummies had transformed his business's fortunes after introducing a range of models which more closely mirrored the look sought by wealthier Venezuelans. Many are believed to want to transform themselves to look something like the country's most beautiful women, and in particular three who were crowned Miss Universe in the 1970s and 1980s.The trend was merely reinforced when the chairman of the Miss Venezuela contest admitted that many of the contest's participants had undergone surgical procedures with his blessing. The Guardian article pointed out that is a slightly different approach to that taken by British store chain Debenhams, which has been praised for introducing its own range of more realistic-looking mannequins – these reflecting the size 16 dimensions of the average British woman.