21 March 2012

I could use some Botox right now, Courtney Cox reveals during a frank interview with The Telegraph. The 47-year-old actress, most famous as the highly strung Monica Geller in US sitcom Friends, revealed more than just the gossip from the set of her latest job on Cougar Town. The mother of one, Coco, seven, admitted that she is an absolute guinea pig for anything that will keep me feeling good. If someone says, you should try apple stem cells, guess wholl be putting them on her face the next day, she joked.Look, Im close to 50. Getting older isnt easy for anybody, especially here in Los Angeles. So lets be clear, looking youthful is something I do a lot of research on. Man, I could use some Botox right now, she added. She admits that she didnt understand Botox at first, but she now knows the true value of it, particularly for actresses working long hours, spending time in the sun, and constantly being in front of the camera. Cox says she stays in shape by eating a low-carb diet and eating lots of steak, admitting though that shes also kind of lucky in that I can eat more than most girls. See original story here: