26 March 2014

175476093A beauty writer has told how the absence of sugar from her diet temporarily helped with her confidence-sapping acne plight. Bella Binns, who writes for Neverunderdressed.com, made her revelation after interviewing Dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams, about a new book she has just had published which goes into great detail about the link between diet and the risks to skin."For adult acne sufferers, sugary foods are a double whammy, because sugar not only exacerbates the acne, but also ages skin prematurely," Dr Williams writes in the book. After reading that, Binns says she was prompted to try eliminating sugar from her diet for a month, and went on to detail the ups and downs of her efforts on the website. Her at times humorous account includes the confession that at one point she was "literally drowning [her] sugar cravings in fats". However, after the four weeks, Binns writes, even though there's been no miracle transformation", her skin had become much calmer. While she added that she could never give up sugar completely, "what this self-imposed fast has taught me is that an excess of sugar even 'healthy' sugars does my problematic skin no favours whatsoever". Acne can be tackled by a number of effective laser or skin solutions, ranging from FDA-approved Intense Pulsed Light/Isolaz to clean pores and either Dermaroller or the Obagi Blue Peel, which helps eradicate the scars which can be left behind. In addition to the above, the experts at The Harley Medical Group recommend regular use of a cleanser targeted for problem skin, in between clinic treatments. - Have you had success in tackling acne? Tell us how you did it via Facebook.