13 August 2008

The underarm damp patch could soon be a thing of the past thanks to an injection of Botox. Around 50,000 Britons a year are now turning to cosmetic surgeons to avoid those rings of shame.Business is booming for Sweatox, as it has been dubbed, from celebrities on the red carpet, business leaders at that all-important meeting to those on a first date. Britains leading cosmetic surgery firm, The Harley Medical Group, says demand for the 550 injection has tripled in the past three months alone. The jabs have more commonly been linked to lessening the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles when the toxin is injected in the face. But it can also freeze sweat glands. New research shows that of the 150,000 or so Botox injections given in Britain every year, more than 30 per are now in the hands, feet or armpits, specifically to prevent perspiration. Sweating is the bodys natural way of cooling down in hot or humid conditions but it can also be chronically embarrassing. Dr Nicky Naylor, Harley group specialist, said: Sufferers can feel uncomfortable in social situations and start avoiding them. Botox is one of the most affective, long-lasting and minimally invasive treatments that puts a stop to excessive sweating. Many of my patients feel that not having to worry about getting uncomfortably sweaty is a big boost to their confidence. Treatments at the groups clinics across Britain cost 550 upwards for each area two hands, for instance, count as one area. It is usually used to prevent ordinary sweating in high-tension situations. But it could give some comfort to the one in 100 adults who suffer from hyperhydrosis excessive sweating. Dr Naylor added: My patients include those whose nervousness when presenting gets them sweating severely in front of hundreds of people. And it includes shy men and women who break out in a sweat in nerve- wracking social situations, first dates and when meeting new people.