18 June 2009

As the world feels the pressure to downsize, Victoria Beckham proves that she too is not immune. This, however, refers to cup size rather than finances. Mrs Beckham has reportedly undergone surgery to replace her famous DD implants with a rather more conservative size B. While this operation would cost rather than save money, the reduction may boost her prospects in the fashion industry. Victoria is said to believe that her busty WAG look would mean her dress and denim designs would not be taken seriously.Riccardo Frati, a consultant plastic surgeon at The Harley Medical Group in London said: To me it looks very clear that she has had a reduction. Although I can see quite a difference in the shape, in this case it does look quite subtle. The breasts are a bit more conical rather than round. He added that Mrs Beckham had been photographed recently with prominent nipples, which can also be a sign of surgery. A spokesperson for Mrs Beckham declined to comment.