12 May 2011

Daily Mail reporter Diana Appleyard has written a comprehensive diary of her recent eye bag removal surgery in a bid to give cosmetic surgery a new perspective. The 50-year-old, who is married with two children, Beth 22, and Charlotte, 17, decided to opt for the surgery after seeing pictures of herself in which she thought she looked 103 years old. But she didnt tell her husband or daughters that she had booked in for a consultation, and left it until the surgery was booked to confide in her family. Appleyards reasoning behind the surgery was not pure vanity, she explained, but instead a way of removing a problem that she saw as genetic. There is mad psychology in my wanting this eye procedure, she wrote. I have told myself my eye bags are genetic my father had lots of loose skin under his eyes and so in my view this operation is somehow medical. Despite her reasons, she was adamant that this would be it for cosmetic surgery, something her husband was grateful for. Now Appleyard says she cant help looking in the mirror and thinking Oh its you - but better!