Dallas star turns back the clock with cosmetic surgery

23 April 2009

Linda Gray, the 68 year old actress perhaps still best known for her role in smash hit American soap Dallas, may have employed a range of cosmetic surgery techniques to ensure she retains her polished look. Linda's performance as Sue Ellen Ewing in Dallas saw her nominated for a Emmy back in 1981 and the actress remains a popular choice for prime time soaps such as the new version of 90210. Now rumours have surfaced on popular cosmetic surgery news site Make Me Heal that the beautiful actress has had a little help along the way. Back in 2006, Linda told the Irish Times that she would put herself in the 'never say never camp' for cosmetic surgery. She also said: "Honest to God and this is true from my heart, I think Botox is so individual and I have no judgment on women who do have it done. I have thought about plastic surgery and I would never say never to anything. There may be a time when I say, you know what? This could do with a little tweaking. "I don't say no to any of that." Now it appears that she may have decided to go ahead with a number of procedures according to American cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sherrel J. Aston, who claims she's had at least one facelift as well as upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty. The collective opinion of the doctors interviewed by Make Me Heal is that Linda appears to have had some quality work done and that, if this proves to be the case, she is exemplary of the benefits of good cosmetic surgery.