07 April 2009

Australia's Dancing With The Stars host Sonia Kruger has come out saying she's embraced non-surgical cosmetic procedures. The 43-year-old host has revealed that she's dabbled in cosmetic surgery procedures including Botox, and that she sees no problem in improving on nature. According to the Daily Telegraph, Kruger said: "They asked me if I wanted to give it a shot, maybe it was when I was on 11AM, and I said what the hell."It's been reported that the host has undergone regular microdermabrasions, as well as light therapy, cosmetic dentistry and Botox injections to keep her youthful appearance. She's said that when it comes to cosmetic surgery, if it makes you happy, go for it. She told TV editor Erin McWhirter: "Women are quite up-front about wanting to look younger... I think you've got to try these things, well if you want to, and they make you feel better about how you look or feel, then why not?" Kruger's not the only Aussie to recently reveal that she's undergone cosmetic surgery. Global popstar Kylie Minogue has come out saying that she's had Botox injections to delay the signs of aging. She told Elle magazine: "I'm definitely not one of those people who says, 'You shouldn't do this.' Everyone individually can do what they want. I also think it doesn't have the stigma that it had when I was growing up." Kylie's sister Dannii has also been very open about her cosmetic surgery procedures. X Factor judge Dannii has undergone breast augmentation, and rumours have swirled that she's also had a rhinoplasty.