06 October 2008

Playing the part of international superspy is taking its toll on current 007 Daniel Craig - especially given the myriad accidents that have plagued the set of latest Bond venture Quantum of Solace.

Sparking rumours that the film is cursed, various accidents have occurred on set - such as three car crashes over five days, injury to a technician and a bruised eye, sliced finger and fractured arm for Craig himself - have ensured an adventurous shooting almost as exciting as the film and has encouraged Craig to admit that his role as Bond will probably lead to cosmetic surgery.

The 40 year old actor has endured so many scarring injuries while filming many of the film's dangerous stunts that he admits he'll probably have to undergo cosmetic surgery to undo some of the damage.

He said: "It's what happens when you do something like this. I got tagged in a fight sequence and needed eight stitches. Plastic surgery? Give it five years."

Craig is the sixth actor to play the tuxedoed spy and the 22nd Bond film will be released on Halloween this year. It has controversially changed Bond from the suave, womanising superspy to a more sensitive character who has dropped the famous lines "the name's Bond, James Bond" and "shaken, not stirred" from his repertoire.

However, despite initial criticism of Craig when he first stepped into Bond's shoes in 2005, the actor was met with critical acclaim for his first Bond venture in the 2006 smash Casino Royale.