29 February 2012

Ex-Eastenders actress Daniella Westbrook has revealed that she may consider Botox and other non-surgical treatments to reverse signs of ageing. The 38-year-old blames her hectic lifestyle and celebrity status for the lines and wrinkles she says she is now aware of. She also said she would like to address her weight, which currently stands at 10st, as she is at her heaviest.In an interview with the Daily Mail, the mother of two said: I weighed around 9st in America but, since I've come back to this country, I haven't stopped eating. I think the weather plays a huge part, because I was eating lots of salads and fish in the US and I got back here and there seems to be a McDonald's on every corner, she added. She has announced that she is now committed to training five days a week in order to get her body back into shape and to increase her self-confidence.See the original story here