12 July 2011

108794559Reality television star Danielle Lloyd has revealed that after she has given birth she would like breast uplift surgery and skin peels. Lloyd, who is due to give birth to her second child in ten weeks, said she would like skin peels to even out her complexion, and breast surgery to rejuvenate her body. She is even considering liposuction if she cant shift the baby weight in time for her wedding to footballer Jamie OHara.In an interview with Closer magazine, the 27-year-old admitted that her boobs had gone from a size 32DD to a 32F. My boobs get so big during pregnancy, I've got stretch marks and saggy skin. I want that removed and then a lift, she said. I'd also like a chemical peel to even out my skin due to pregnancy pigmentation, she added. As well as wanting cosmetic surgery after the birth, Lloyd is watching her weight and her appearance during the pregnancy too. The mother of one gained three stone during her first pregnancy because she used to gorge on chocolate and crisps, but she has been healthier this time and says running after Archie (who is one) is keeping her fit.