30 October 2009

I've always been interested in Dannii Minogue, partly because I'm really curious about how it feels to be a successful star who is the sister of a successful star! But Dannii has had a pretty varied career over the years - she's been on the TV since she was seven years old, and she's never kept quiet for long. From signing to acting and presenting, she's always got something on the go, but it's the X Factor that's definitely upped her profile in the UK most recently.Dannii is a fiercely competitive judge and - like Cheryl Cole - an emotional one too! I think that the rivalry between the two of them is always one that's focused on their singers and the desire to help their contestants shine, but there were many rumours last year about the two female judges being in competition with each other when it came to their clothes. I'm sure if they were at all, it was a friendly battle! There was a lot of talk about Dannii's age when Cheryl first came on board too, but it has to be admitted that Dannii remains a beautiful woman. Dannii has made no bones about the fact she had a boob job when she was younger and that she's made use of wrinkle relaxing injections to keep her look fresh. She's recently decided to take a break from Botox after wondering if she was overdoing the treatment, but you can see by her fabulous hairstyles and outfits that she's happy and confident in the way she looks. With a stream of hits and successful TV and theatre appearances under her belt, I think Dannii is a inspiration for her X factor protges.