Dark spots cause more concern than wrinkles, study finds

2 June 2015

You may think that wrinkles would be the primary concern about ageing, but according to a recent study, women are actually more worried about dark spots.

The study was undertaken in five European countries to identify the biggest ageing concerns over women aged 20 to 60. Dark spots were voted the third biggest worry (62 per cent), after facial and body firmness (68 per cent and 71 per cent respectively).

Contrary to popular belief, dark spots are not merely the result of excess sun exposure but can also be due to pregnancy and acne scarring. They appear as a result of the body producing too much melanin – and they can be a pain to get rid of.

Experts recommend products containing vitamin C to help brighten the appearance of your dark spots, while daily sunscreen application can help to prevent them from becoming worse.

While prevention is often deemed better than cure, there are also Laser treatments available to effectively remove your unwanted dark spots, leaving you with a clear, smooth complexion.

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Image Credit: nikolasvn/ iStock/ Thinkstock