25 February 2014

Mature womenThe 'baby boomer' generation, now entering their retirement, have a new name to describe them, bestowed on them by ever-inventive marketers. These prosperous, "misbehaving" over-60s have been dubbed 'DRAGONs' Divorced, Rich, Aged 65-plus, Overseas travellers and Networkers are enjoying good health and, increasingly, seeking to maintain their looks with a little cosmetic help.Supporting figures suggest that, while the number of Cosmetic Surgery procedures carried out has grown by 78 per cent in the past five years, that rise has been 168 per cent among men over 60 and a staggering 303 per cent for women in that age group which was typified by "fit ladies who believe their face does not fit the age that they feel". Added to this, many among this age group are better able to afford to have their perceived bodily shortcoming attended to. Leading Marketing magazine's Anthony Edwards and Christopher Skillcorn note: "DRAGONs are on the move, on the go and on the pull." They quote an earlier New York Times article, which found: "Some people are living longer and remaining healthier, and want their physiques to align with their psyches. Some are preening for potential mates and want their feathers to look their freshest. Some are still working or looking for jobs and want to be seen as more youthful contenders." Edwards and Skillcorn conclude: "The common denominator for all these is that older people are remaining active, and want to look good doing so". Do you belong to the DRAGON generation? Which anti-ageing procedures do you swear by? Let us know on Facebook.