10 February 2011

A British woman has died after undergoing buttock implants, carried out in a hotel room by suspected illegal surgeons. Claudia Aderotimi, 20, travelled to Philadelphia, America, from her hometown of London in search of a beauty ideal, which involved increasing the fullness of her buttocks, with devastating consequences. Aderotimi is just one of approximately 60,000 people who travel from Britain each year in search of cheap plastic surgery abroad, most unaware of the serious dangers that undergoing operations performed by surgeons who are often unregistered, or worse, unqualified, can pose. In this tragic tale, the young woman paid $2,000 for buttock implants and the surgery was carried out not in a sanitised and fully-equipped environment, but in room 425 of a budget Hampton Inn hotel. She was then reportedly injected with liquid silicone, which is not licensed to be used in this form due to the risk of it leaking into the blood stream and causing potentially fatal blood clots. This story highlights the importance of choosing reputable and fully registered clinics in the UK and Ireland, which only employ qualified and experienced plastic surgeons.