07 July 2014

Were constantly faced with new skincare products, all promising to defy your age, cover your spots and leave you with a youthful glowing complexion. But how can you tell which products you actually need? These days, when it comes to your skincare regime its all about knowing your alphabet. First of all, there is BB cream, which is an acronym for beauty (or blemish) balm. This all-in-one product can be used in place of your usual makeup base (serum, moisturiser, primer and foundation), saving you time every morning and leaving you with extra cash. As it contains moisturiser, serum and sun protection all-in-one, this handy product works harder than most cover ups providing you with extra skin protection too. So who are they good for? It is recommended to use a BB cream if you have a fairly even complexion that doesnt require a heavy base. Moving further down the alphabet, CC creams (colour or complexion correcting) work in a similar way to BB creams, with the added bonus of greater coverage for those with uneven skin tone or age spots. This magic product should be applied before your foundation to correct skins tone and hide early signs of ageing. Many CC creams contain sun protection factor too, helping to protect your skin from the suns harmful UV rays. Tip: CC creams can be quite dark in colour so it is wise to opt for a shade lighter than you would normally choose. Although yet to hit the shelves, DD creams are said to be the next best skincare product, standing for daily defence but more about those when they are revealed. Do you use BB or CC creams as part of your daily skincare regime? Let us know what you think of them on Facebook.