17 February 2009

I happened to see something online today that really made me frown. It seems that people think it's ok to vandalise posters of the lovely Claire Thornton - our newest model - and even worse write uncomplimentary things about her. If people want to protest about things they don't believe in then fine, that doesn't bother me at all, each to their own I say. But to say things that could be offensive to Claire when all she's doing is sharing her true story? I think that's outrageous. It seems that the posters that have been targeted are ones that are in tube stations - and not all of them feature Claire - but one of the ones that does had a sticker saying something I don't even want to repeat, but that indicated that they thought Claire was sexist(!) then said something very derogatory. Claire told a reporter at the Evening Standard that she found the campaign against the posters upsetting and rude. Luckily she's not letting the jibes get to her and she's still proud of her new breasts and her choice to make decisions about her own body. I don't know if people think they are somehow being subversive by defacing posters, but as far as I can see all they are doing is targeting an innocent woman and that the sooner that people can accept that everyone can do what they want with their own bodies the better.