21 March 2013

Woman in bikiniNew research has revealed a growing number of women are opting for laser hair removal when it comes to grooming their bikini line. According to Courthouse Clinics, 80 per cent of females are now going down this route instead of more traditional hair removal options such as waxing or shaving.In many cases, patients are looking for a more permanent solution that will also leave them free of the skin irritation, infections, spots and ingrown hairs they experience with their current method of hair removal. What is more, laser hair removal is gentler than waxing as it uses pulses of light to destroy the hair follicles, rather than pulling at the skin. It was discovered that the Brazilian is the most popular shape among those opting for laser hair removal, with 56 per cent of women choosing this option. While 25 per cent went for complete hair removal, the remainder had hair removed from the underwear line only.