02 August 2012

New figures released by the Dubai Health Authority have revealed a huge spike in the number of people having cosmetic surgery procedures in Dubai. According to the organisation, 68,000 men and women underwent surgical and non-surgical treatments at the country's clinics last year double 2010's total.Some of the most popular treatments include skin peels and laser rejuvenation treatments, which are designed to leave skin looking more healthy and youthful, as well as nose reshaping operations known as rhinoplasty. The figures revealed that the most popular non-surgical treatment in 2011 however was laser hair removal. Top surgeons in Dubai have claimed that an increasing number of professionals in the country are choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures in order to boost their career prospects, with workers in their 40s and 50s keen to be on a par physically with younger employees. The fact that many procedures can now be carried out with minimal downtime, or even none at all, has helped to boost the popularity of non-surgical treatments. See original story here: