Demand for male Botox, Laser Hair Removal and Facials increasing in Leeds

16 February 2015

Liverpool may be the UK’s Cosmetic Surgery capital but men in Leeds are giving patients a run for their money when it comes to Non Surgical treatments. This cosmopolitan city has seen a huge increase in demand for Botox, Laser Hair Removal and Facials – and it’s all for the gentlemen.

One Leeds-based Senior Aesthetician explained: “Around 30 per cent of visitors to Leeds skin centres are men, many are office workers in their mid 20s to late 30s wanting botox, facials and laser hair removal.

“There is demand here. Because Leeds is more cosmopolitan, the men are a bit more open to this kind of thing. Things are changing, men are becoming more interested in knowing what’s better for their skin.”

Our growing awareness of skin issues has led to an increase in men seeking Non Surgical treatments to improve the appearance of their skin. That, coupled with the availability of Skin Care products targeted at male skin has encouraged many men in Leeds to make a conscious effort with their skin.

According to one Cosmetic Surgeon, it’s not just Non Surgical treatments that men are interested in. Cosmetic Surgery for men has become more ‘socially acceptable’. He said: As well as keeping fit and active, we are seeing men place much more emphasis on looking well too.”

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