28 September 2012

Korean consumers purchase more than a fifth of all the men's cosmetics sold around the world, according to a new survey. Data released by global market research firm Euromonitor International found that sales of men's cosmetics in Korea reached US$495.5m last year, representing 21 per cent of total global sales. The trend is believed to have continued in 2012, with sales figures expected to have risen by 79 per cent this year.According to a report by ABC News, this makes Korea by far the largest market for male cosmetics products per capita. And men are also embracing cosmetic surgery, with new clinics opening up across the capital city, Seoul. Dr Byung-Gun Kim, director of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, told the publication: "Most popular is nose surgery. Men consider their noses as symbol of sexuality. So they like higher nose bones to look more attractive like westerners," Chung Yong-Hyen, a marketing executive from Seoul, has embraced the idea of using skincare products on a daily basis in order to improve his appearance. He regularly spends hundreds of pounds on treatments and products. "I wash with face cleanser, serum booster, toner, moisturiser and sun screen," he said. The 35-year-old is just one of a growing number of Korean men who are prepared to put in the hard work, and spend their disposable income on looking good and maintaining a youthful appearance. See original article here: