06 February 2014

Lunch time BotoxThe candid admission by America's First Lady, Michelle Obama, that she would "never say never" to having non-surgical treatments has prompted one of India's biggest newspapers to reinforce the message that such treatments should always be carried out for "the right reasons". India Today writer Lipla Negi praises Mrs Obama's stance, and hails it as a welcome break from the idea that "when it comes to 'looking good' or rather, caring about your 'looks', women are expected to stick to the conventional notion of 'being a natural beauty'."She adds: "Thankfully, a new breed of spirited and confident women is challenging this traditional outlook and taking the guilt out of the desire to look good." It's all part of a widely-held aspiration to grow old gracefully, New Delhi Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Varun Katyal tells her: "Most of us still like to cling to this whole notion of natural beauty or ageing gracefully," he says. Yet because the amounts of Dermal Fillers which are injected by a skilled Cosmetic Surgery Nurse can be carefully controlled, the article goes on to say that it is crucial for anyone considering them to only consult a recognised expert in administering them, "because only when the proper amount is injected in the right manner, [can you] achieve a natural result," says Dr Katyal. Is the natural look always the best when it comes to Cosmetic Surgery and non-surgical treatments?