11 June 2013

Woman's upper lipAdvances in medicine and surgical procedures are among their fastest in the field of cosmetic surgery procedures, and clinicians are keen to use the latest advances in minimally invasive treatments to achieve the best results on their patients with the minimum of recovery time. One such product and treatment which has developed particularly quickly is dermal fillers. Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr Simon Ourian says that many such treatments aren't actually new, but are refinements of previous procedures.He cites the example of Juvederm Voluma. While still awaiting official approval, trials have shown that this achieves good results in enhancing skin density, and thereby tightening areas which made the skin more taut at the same time as improving its elasticity. Other new procedures which are showing promise, according to Dr Ourian, are Boletero, a filler which, when injected into the skin surrounding the lips, makes them look fuller at the same time as eliminating vertical lines, and Voluma, an injectable filler which can be moulded to the desired shape, thus enabling patients to achieve more defined cheekbones and a stronger jawline without the need for a scalpel.