13 December 2013

Woman feeling soft skinA leading Indian doctor has outlined the various types of Skin Peels available, in response to growing demand around the world for such treatments. Dr Snehal Sriram, a Cosmetologist who practises in Mumbai, provided a basic guide to what the procedure involves, and the conditions it is most effective for treating, for Health.India.com. He notes that superficial Skin Peels although universal for all skin types, are usually best suited to those with darker skin complexions, as they help avoid dramatic changes in skin pigmentation.And while their primary purposes are to treat acne, scars and marks caused by the condition, and other skin blemishes and pigmentation, they are increasingly popular for helping to rejuvenate the skin in time for a special occasion, Dr Sriram said. He also lifted the lid on the active ingredients which make Skin Peels so effective. These include up to four types of acid Lactic, Ascorbic, Citric, and Salicylic each of which have distinct effects which, when combined, help refresh and rejuvenate skin, and stimulate the production of collagen, the skin's own basic protein which helps keep it strong and healthy-looking.