Dermatologist delves into Skin Care secrets of Korean women

28 October 2014

From their delicate beauty to their young-looking appearances, there’s certainly a Skin Care trick or two to learn from the women in the Far East. Which is why we’re intrigued to hear what one of South Korea’s top Dermatologists had to say in a recent interview – as he divulged essential Skin Care secrets practised by women all over the country.

“Women here demand 100% absolutely flawless and pristine skin,” explained director of the Wells Dermatology and Medical Spa Clinic, Dr Choi Wonwoo. Women often visit his clinic every fortnight for treatments, where compared to the US women may not return to their Dermatologist unless they absolutely have to, women in South Korea will come back on a regular basis to prevent any side effects such as lumpiness.

Additionally, smaller doses of Botox are used compared to their Western counterparts – injecting it in such a way that a lifting effect occurs in the face. But structure is also important to Korean women, with many often undergoing a nose injection to extend the height to the bridge of their noses (employing the use of injectable fillers without having Cosmetic Surgery).

Lastly, Dr Choi is a huge advocate for hydration: “When [hydration] falls apart, nothing else works,” he said. “A common misconception is that those with oily skin may be well hydrated. Even those with oilier skin types could be insufficiently hydrated. Beyond drinking enough water, Skin Care products truly go a long way.”

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