03 March 2014

Skin acneVictoria Beckham was reportedly recommended a three-stage routine to help tackle acne breakouts, as seen in photographs from 2007, by a skin care expert whom she consulted. Dr Harold Lancer, a dermatologist with over 30 years’ experience, stated that Mrs Beckham has seen the long-term benefits of this beauty regime, regaining and maintaining a clear complexion. His three-step solution focuses on improving the condition of the skin through exfoliation, cleansing and nourishing, he has told the Daily Mail.The first of these stages is exfoliation which "stimulates natural protein production in the upper layer of the dermis (skin), increases oxygen flow and encourages enzyme production in the deepest layer of skin which triggers self-repair," Dr Lancer explained. This is then followed by careful, thorough cleansing, and finally, the application of an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory moisturiser, to nourish and calm the skin. "At some point in their lives, 99 per cent of the world's population has acne," said Dr Lancer. "Once the acne has gone, you can be left with pitted 'craters' or discoloration in the form of red or brown marks. To tackle this, you must commit to [an] exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise regime every evening for three to six months," he added. Those for whom scarring remains an issue after six months should look into getting a resurfacing laser treatment or a chemical peel, recommends Dr Lancer. “These are effective […] as they work by creating inflammation in a controlled fashion to stimulate the skin to self-repair.” Though he does highlight the importance that these procedures are only be undertaken by medical and highly trained professionals. Dr Lancer also covered the most effective methods of removing stretch marks and surgical scars, recommending the use of the Laser treatments for their ability to help promote self-healing in deeper layers of the skin. - Have you followed a similar solution to tackle acne to that described here? Send us a tweet - we'd love to hear how you got on.