Dermatologist talks Non Surgical treatments for A-list celebs

01 August 2014

How is it that celebrities are always so perfectly groomed and flawless? Contrary to popular belief, not all celebrities are blessed with ‘good genes’ in the skin department. Dermatologist to the stars, Patricia Wexler, has revealed some of the most popular Non Surgical treatments undertaken by A-list celebrities to achieve a healthy glow. The answer to perfect skin lies in “a combination of dermal fillers, toxins, ultrasound therapy and topical treatments”, according to the Dermatologist. Dr Wexler follows three key principles to help restore youth and vitality to her patients’ faces: increased volume, muscle tightness, and removal of imperfections.Increased volume“If you’ve lost volume, you want to give the volume back where you lost it”, making Dermal Fillers one of Dr Wexler’s ‘essential’ treatments.Muscle tightnessAlthough happy to administer Line & Wrinkle treatment, she is keen to stress that she won’t treat patients if they are too young. “When we get someone who’s in their twenties who comes in and says they want toxins to prevent lines, it’s too early”, she added.Removal of imperfectionsPatients with Pigmentation and blemishes are treated with a mixture of skin lightening products, such as hydroquinone. “Hydroquinone with retinol is the gold standard”, claims the Doctor. So there you have it; three treatments to give your skin an A-list shine. Which beauty treatments do you swear by? Let us know on Facebook.