Dermatologists talk solutions for their own skin

Dermatologists talk solutions for their own skin

23 January 2015

We all have something we don’t like about our skin, whether it’s uneven pigmentation, Acne scars, excess oil or dry and sensitive. We trust the advice given to us by experts – after all, they certainly know their stuff. Part of that knowledge comes from having to deal with their own skin issues. So how do Dermatologists solve their skin woes? We’ve got the full scoop below.


Uneven skin tone

Solution: Antioxidant cream.

Expert says: “I feel naked if I leave the house without my antioxidants and my sunscreen. […] nothing’s more effective at combating pollution, cigarette smoke, and all the crap that gets on your face during the day.”

Benefit: Prevents the formation of free radicals which lead to ageing, uneven skin tone and damaged skin.


Sensitive skin

Solution: Extra-mild cleanser and exfoliation.

Expert says: “I realised I can’t shower in the morning – if I put hot water on my skin, my face will be pink for the next six hours. Instead I wash my face with lukewarm water and an extra-mild cleanser.”

Benefit: Skin will no longer feel irritated and sore – your complexion will be clear and radiant.


Adult Acne

Solution: Tretinoin cream, clean diet

Expert says: “If I have one pimple, I’m not freaking out about it. I’ve been able to control my acne with topical, but I also have realistic expectations for my own skin – if it looks pretty good, I’m happy!”

Benefit: Tretinoin cream is available on prescription and works as an anti-inflammatory, preventing breakouts. It’s also a good Anti-Ageing solution. Skipping food high in fat and sugar can take its toll on skin – instead opt for home-cooked food and plenty of vegetables.


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