18 September 2008

Looking great in your favourite designer outfit is one thing, but being comfortable in the nude is another. Many women find their confidence crumbling as soon as they're faced with the prospect of taking off their 'armour' and stripping down for their partners. Whether they're getting intimate with new lovers or long-standing spouses, some ladies find themselves facing pretty off-putting issues with their most private of places - which can really spoil the mood.

The first thing to remember is that everyone is different, and that is equally true when it comes to your genitals - the thing is, I guess most of us don't have much to compare them to! Like other parts of the body, it would be pretty dull if they were all the same after all.

Lots of people have experimented with a little trimming or waxing to tidy things up a bit. Sometimes, though, a dye job or a Brazilian just isn't enough to restore confidence and women find themselves suffering because they're unhappy with what they have. Some women find that their individual shape isn't the way they want it to be or it could be that it's changed as the result of a difficult child-birth or simply the natural aging process. And if it's something that's causing embarrassment, maybe it's time to stop saving up for designer outerwear and start thinking about designer inner-wear.

Cosmetic surgery for your vagina (vagina reshaping or vaginoplasty) might be a way to replenish confidence in the bedroom, and some procedures are also designed to increase sexual gratification as well as addressing aesthetic concerns. It might not be a place that many people get to cast their eyes on, but if it makes you feel a million dollars in the bedroom, surely a designer vagina is worth every penny. And, unlike designer outfits, it won't go out of fashion.