Designer Vagina - what you need to know

Designer Vagina - what you need to know

25 May 2015

Labiaplasty, commonly known as Designer Vagina, is a Cosmetic Surgical procedure which involves reducing the size of the labia. It’s becoming more and more popular, so before you make the decision, here are five things you need to know.

  • Large labia can be uncomfortable

Some women may experience irritation and discomfort as a result of having large labia. It’s one of the many reasons women undergo Labiaplasty.

  • Smaller labia means tighter clothes

Those who want to wear tight clothes and swimsuits may find it easier with smaller labia. Many find clothes fit better after they have redesigned their vagina.

  • Childbirth can affect the size of labia

A lot of women find that giving birth can stretch their labia. Those who give birth vaginally may need stitches in their labia due to tearing – while the stitches are taking place, some decide to undergo Labiaplasty at the same time.

  • There’s not just one procedure

A Designer Vagina is not limited to just Labiaplasty. From Labiaplasty to Pelvic Floor Repair and Vaginal Tightening, there are several options open to you depending on your needs and wants.

  • Recovery time is fairly short

You can return to your usual activities the day after surgery. It’s recommended to wait a week before exercising and a month before having sex.

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Image Credit: AndreyPopov/ iStock/ Thinkstock