29 June 2012

Labiaplasty, a procedure commonly grouped under the term ‘designer vagina’, is picking up pace in the race to the top of the list of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. This is according to Dr James Matas, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Orlando, USA. In his experience, there are two distinct groups of women who look into cosmetic gynaecology procedures: young women looking to achieve symmetry for an aesthetic improvement, and women who have noticed significant changes to their genitalia following pregnancy or significant weight loss.Of his labiaplasty patients, Dr Matas said: “Despite the growing popularity of this procedure, the opinion of many gynaecologists is that the value of this procedure is unproven. “Although a delicate issue to address, the cases that I have performed made a huge difference in the area of self-esteem with the resulting aesthetic improvement of the female genitalia,” he added. Dr Matas, and many other plastic surgeons, are in no doubt as to the improved body confidence this procedure can have for women, but many women also undergo such procedures to relieve the pain that can be a side effect of having enlarged labia. See original story here: