15 October 2009

With the new season of Desperate Housewives beginning in the United States, actress Marcia Cross is managing to look younger than ever, which may be thanks to cosmetic surgery.Marcia, who plays housewife Bree Hodge in the hit series, evidently takes great care of her skin and physique to look as good as she does at 47, but Make Me Heal suspects that the star has also undergone Botox treatments to smooth out her forehead and eye area, with fillers around her mouth and lips. These wrinkle relaxing treatments mean that the 47-year-old displays no signs of the stress involved in coping with twin toddlers and a full-time TV role. Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist, Dr Paul S Nassif, told Make Me Heal: "Marcia Cross looks great. It appears she may have had some Botox as her face is completely line free. I do not see evidence of other work. She is a naturally beautiful woman and I would not change a thing." Dr Jennifer Walden agreed that Marcia has had wrinkle relaxing treatments, calling her "the poster child for Botox" and observing: "It is apparent that skin care is extremely important to the television star. Anytime she is photographed outdoors she always covers her skin in long sleeves and large hats. "Ms. Cross has said in interviews that she keeps her skin young and flawless by staying out of the suns harmful rays. I would agree with that, but think injectables, Botox, and a good skin care regimen also help her achieve the 'flawless' look."