12 October 2010

The Daily Mail reports that Desperate Housewives' star Marcia Cross, known to fans of the show as Bree Hodge, has been spotted looking remarkably fresh-faced for her 48 years, prompting speculation the actress may have turned to cosmetic surgery in a bid to maintain her flawless porcelain complexion. Noting the actress chose to stroll bare-faced and make-up free down Santa Monica's fashionable Montana Avenue, the publication suspected the starlet may have indulged in Botox, lip plumping dermal fillers and an eye-lift. "Cross's suspiciously tight skin, lack of any wrinkles or lines and highly curved eyebrows have lead to speculation that she may have had a little help from the plastic surgeons," the newspaper said, later adding, "there's a distinct lack of creases, under eye bags, excess skin on her lids or crow's feet around her eyes." Though the Daily Mail reported Marcia may have turned to surgical and non-surgical solutions, the newspaper pointed out that any treatments the actress may have undergone have been carried out very subtly, and enhance the starlet's natural beauty rather than leaving her to appear 'frozen faced'. However, rumours regarding Marcia's use of Botox and other wrinkle-erasing injectable treatments seem to have been precipitated by former co-star Dana Delaney's revelations that she had been left with a slight droop in one eye after Botox was improperly administered by a skin-care professional - not a cosmetic professional - who in hindsight she felt she should not have turned to. Speaking to Prevention Magazine, the actress known to fans as Wisteria Lane's Katherine Mayfair - urged men and women alike to better check the credentials of the clinic and practitioner they entrust to perform line- and wrinkle-filling injectable treatments.