Diet and exercise: Designer Donna Karan’s secrets to looking good at 66

4 December 2014

As one of the world’s most stylish figures, celebrated fashion designer Donna Karan is a role model many women look up to – and even after launching three successful worldwide fashion labels, the 66-year-old trendsetting icon looks in better shape than ever. So Karan, care to share how you manage to look in fine form?

“Anything that I don’t have to get dressed for, or put on makeup, I love,” she laughs.

“I get up every morning and have my protein drink,” she says. “In the afternoon I have to have soup and salad, usually a green soup. I also like green juices.”

Achieving a balance of a healthy diet and exercise is also a key factor in keeping trim. Karan adds: “I started doing yoga when I was 18 years old, so I started at a very young age. It was something that I felt comfortable with. I love being on a mat; I love have a teacher; I love going inside, because I’m constantly outside.”

If that’s what it takes to look as great as Karan, we’re rushing out to buy our yoga mats as we speak! What Anti-Ageing tips and potions do you swear by? Inspire the rest of the Harley Medical Group community with your secrets on our Twitter page today. 





Helga Esteb /