28 August 2013

Injection into woman's lipWrinkle injectables and fillers are regular fixtures in the news but not everyone knows their functions and where they are applicable. Both have different purposes and different ways of making the skin appear more youthful. In the simplest of terms, one fills and one relaxes.Line and wrinkle injectablesThese work on the nerve endings present in muscles in our body. Since being declared legal in 2002, neurotoxins have been considered the best drug available for elimination of crease lines on the face and neck. As the amount injected is very low it is a very safe procedure with almost no side effects. What the patient needs to remember is that this is not a permanent procedure. In most cases, top up injections need to be given at six- to nine-month intervals.FillersOver time, the skin will age and become damaged this can be the result of ageing, photo damage, trauma, scarification and diseases. As people age, the fat in their body is also redistributed and the perfect dermal filler will correct this. Fillers fill up defects in small scars, deep wrinkles or lines, and augment lips or eyelids as the name suggests they are used to fill up gaps. Similarly to line and wrinkle injectables, these are only temporary solutions and will need to be topped up from time to time.