19 July 2013

Woman removing bandages from faceMost people are aware of facelifts and the effects they can have but a surgeon from Phoenix, Arizona, has explained there are many different types of procedure. Dr Daniel Shapiro specialises in facelifts, and says different processes can be adapted and tailored to suit different needs.Full Face LiftRejuvenates the entire face through one surgery. Most commonly, the combined procedures that make up this single operation include a brow lift, eye lift, face lift, and neck lift.Face and Neck LiftA face lift and neck lift can be performed simultaneously to ensure a uniform reversal of the signs of ageing.SMAS Face LiftIn patients who seek long term results for extensive facial structure repairs after healing, faces appear naturally youthful rather than altered.Mid Face LiftFocusses on the area from below the eyes to the eyes.Short Scar Face LiftThis technique is best suited for people who exhibit the early stages of maturing facial features.Limited Incision Face LiftPerformed through a surgical cut that follows around the lower part of the ear. Best suited to patients with moderate signs of ageing.Mini Face LiftDesigned for patients with minimal signs of ageing in certain areas of the face. Addresses sagging cheeks and the beginning signs of jowling.Fat Transfer to FaceLack of fat can create a hollow, almost skeletal look, and replenishing fat to these areas helps to restore the patient's looks from youth.Facial Fat Grafting/Stem Cell Face LiftA two-part procedure, the patient's own fat is first removed from another area of the body to restore facial areas lacking in volume.Facial LiposculptureA technique of facial liposuction that utilises delicate cannulas to remove unwanted pockets of fat from the face.Buccal Fat Pad RemovalThe buccal fat pad is located just below the cheekbones. Partial or full removal of these fat pads can promote a sleeker facial structure.Non Surgical Face LiftCan include any combination of laser therapy, injectable filler sessions, and therapeutic toxin injections, among other techniques.