06 December 2012

As people get older, there is no denying their faces begin to change and the fat pads underneath the skin begin to move, making the cheeks look flat and saggy. However, there is a way to counteract this and that is by using fillers.Answering questions from readers of the Statesman, cosmetic surgeons Dustin Reid and Ashley Gordon explained that if facial fillers are used properly, they can lift the tissue, restore volume in the face and bring back the natural youthful contours. While in the past fillers were used to fill lines, they are now capable of sculpting, lifting and contouring parts of the face when people begin to age. However, the experts urged individuals to consult their doctor first and speak about the different options available, as there are now a wide range of fillers on the market and they need to choose the right one. Furthermore, it is important for the fillers to look natural. Everyone should notice, but no one should know, the experts added. Read the full story here: http://www.statesman.com/news/lifestyles/health/liquid-lift-dramatic-results-just-30-minutes/nTNTG/