Discussing surgery before an operation can mean happier results, says plastic surgeon

03 July 2012

A US surgeon has said the benefits of doctors and prospective patients spending time discussing cosmetic surgery options prior to an operation cannot be underestimated. According to Dr Carlos Wolf, of the Miami Plastic Surgery clinic, there are a huge number of factors that can affect the happiness of a patient, from their expectations for surgery to their general outlook on life. He believes pre-operative meetings can help ensure patients are comfortable with the procedures they're about to have and allow doctors to be sure that the patient is ready for surgery.Writing in The Miami Herald newspaper, Dr Wolf said: "The 'art' of medicine is found in the experience and ability of the surgeon to conduct a thorough interview of the potential patient. Time spent upfront discussing the patient’s wishes and motivation for surgery is time well spent." As far as patients are concerned, Dr Wolf stressed the importance of finding the right surgeon and then asking as many questions as is necessary. People should ask for pictures, discuss the risks and make sure the relationship between doctor and patient is strong. "Make sure you like your doctor before you have surgery as your relationship can only get worse if you are not happy with your results," Dr Wolf added.