29 March 2010

Last week, one of my friends pointed out a casting ad from Disney - we were too busy joking about how much fun it would be to act alongside Johnny Depp in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film to even really notice the fact the ad mentioned that women with boob jobs shouldn't apply. It seems we were alone on that one! Since then, I've seen loads of stories where people are treating the ad like a condemnation of breast surgery. The reactions seem pretty mixed in that some people think Disney are being discriminatory, while other people are seeing it as a sign that big boobs are losing popularity. While either of these could be valid arguments, I think they are really not the point of the advert. It also says it wants extras with lean, dancer's bodies and to me that means they are looking for slim women and not voluptuous ones - and I think that's really why they aren't looking for extras with breast implants or big boobs! While some people have claimed it may also be something to do with the film needing to be authentic to the time-period, it doesn't sound like a very likely idea to me - after all a good boob job doesn't look fake, especially not if it's done by an excellent surgeon and has been chosen to suit the size and shape of the patient. That said, it's not as though we haven't noticed a shift in the way people are thinking about breast surgery these days - we're seeing more and more people choosing very natural looking breasts and being more concerned with shape and firmness rather than size.