Do you know which order you should apply your skincare?

Do you know which order you should apply your skincare?

9 August 2016

Do you know which order you should apply your skincare?

When it comes to skincare, you can spend all of your money on the top-named products and still experience less than favourable results. That’s because the most important thing to get right is the order in which you apply your products. Nail this, and you will enjoy an enviable, glowing complexion.


So which product should come first? There’s an easy way to remember: always go lightest to heaviest.

1.      Toner

The first product to apply to your skin after cleansing is toner. You’ll only need a ten-pence sized amount to cover your whole face. Once applied, leave it to soak into your skin.

How it helps: Toner carries the ingredients from your serum to where they’re needed in the skin. This skin cell plumping product also removes residue from face wash as well as salts, minerals and chlorine from tap water.


2.      Serum

While your skin is damp, apply serum (the same amount as toner) to lock in moisture and just let your skin absorb it.

How it helps: Serum helps to speed up results from the rest of your skincare products. Look out for formulas containing ingredients that will benefit your skin type. For example, white tea can calm redness, hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate, peptides firm your skin and vitamin C is used for brightening.


3.      Moisturiser

Next up is moisturiser. Apply this in an even layer all over your face. It’s recommended to use light pressure and smooth in circular motions and upwards. Don’t forget your neck and jawline!

How it helps: In addition to soothing dry and sensitive skin, moisturiser is great for protecting skin. It doubles up as a sealant to ensure the ingredients from your other products don’t leave the skin.


4.      Eye Cream

Eye cream tends to be heavier than regular moisturiser so use it once you’ve already applied the latter. As it is more concentrated, you’ll only need a pea-sized amount.

How it helps: Eye cream is ideal for smoothing and preventing unwanted fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate skin of the eye. Did you know you can also use it as a highlighter? That’s because it reflects light so lines will appear softer for a more flawless appearance.


5.      SPF

Last but certainly not least is sunscreen. Apply this generously to your face, neck, ears and any parts of your skin which are exposed for full protection and to prevent sun damage and early ageing.

How it helps: As a rule, you should apply this daily to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays which can penetrate skin and cause damage even on a cloudy day!


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