Do you really know what your makeup is doing to your skin?

Do you really know what your makeup is doing to your skin?

15 November 2014

Many of us use makeup as a tool of empowerment, feeling our most confident when our face is fully made up – but do you really know what your makeup is doing to your skin? One expert dishes the dirt.

Manchester based Beautician Saira Mahmood said: “All makeup comprises of artificial substances and a large number of chemicals which can harm the skin.”

Dr Ijaz Ahmed, Dermatologist at Ziauddin University Hospital in Karachi agrees, citing makeup as the primary cause of Acne or other skin issues for more than 30 per cent of his female patients.

Of all makeup types, eye makeup can have particularly damaging effects if used past its expiry date – mainly because the skin around our eyes is so sensitive. Some women have even found excessive use of mascara to cause migraines, nausea, exhaustion and dizziness.

“That feeling of tiredness and dryness on your skin is a sign that it’s high time you removed the product off your face”, comments Beautician Shahnaz Kamran.

When it comes to Ageing, many of us use makeup to help combat those early signs but this in turn can have a detrimental effect on skin, eventually leading to further wrinkles and fine lines and making you appear older than you are.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t still apply makeup. Rather that if you do, you should always ensure your makeup is cleaned off thoroughly by adopting a proper cleansing regime, including face wash, cleanser and toner – and always follow this up with moisturising cream.

Have you noticed any negative impact on your skin from wearing makeup? Send us a tweet with your findings.